Bus Schedule in Bhavnagar

From to Departure time Via
Ahmedabad Una 1:00 Talaja, Mahuva, Rajula
Vadodara Div 1:45 Mahuva, Una
Bapunagar Mahuva 2.00 Talaja
Surat Talaja 3.30 Tansa, Trapaj
Surat Mahuva 4.30 Talaja
Dhuliya Talaja 4.30 Trapaj
Mumbai Una 4.45 Mahuva, Rajula
Dahod Kovaya 5.00 Mahuva, Rajula
Dhuliya Mahuva 5.05 Talaja
Bhavnagar Mangrol 5.30 Mahuva, Una, Veraval
Bhavnagar Keshod 6.30 Mahuva, Una, Veraval
Bhavnagar Veraval 6.30 Mahuva, Una
Bhavnagar Jafrabad 7.00 Mahuva, Rajula
Bhavnagar Veraval 7.30 Mahuva, Una
Bhavnagar Porbandar 7.45 Mahuva, Una
Bhavnagar Mangrol 8.00 Mahuva, Una
Bhavnagar Mahuva 9.00 Talaja
Bhavnagar Mahuva 9.45 Talaja
Vadodara Div 10.30 Mahuva, Una
Ahmedabad Mahuva 10.45 Talaja
Bhavnagar Div 12.00 Mahuva, Una
Ahmedabad Div 13.00 Mahuva, Una
Bhavnagar Veraval 13.30 Mahuva, Una
Surat Mahuva 13.45 Talaja
Surat Talaja 14.30 Tansa
Bhavnagar Div 14.30 Mahuva, Una
Bhavnagar Veraval 15.00 Mahuva, Una
Mehsana Mahuva 15.30 Talaja
Surat Bagdana 15.45 Talaja, Thaliya
Ahmedabad Jafrabad 15.45 Talaja, Mahuva
Bhavnagar Una 16.30 Talaja, Mahuva
Bhavnagar Somnath 17.30 Mahuva, Una
Ahmedabad Mahuva 18.15 Talaja
Bhavnagar Porbandar 19.00 Mahuva, Una, Veraval
Ahmedabad Mahuva 19.30 Talaja
Bhavnagar Oakha 20.30 Mahuva, Una, Veraval
Bapunagar Mahuva 20.45 Talaja
Vadnagar Mahuva 21.15 Talaja
Bapunagar Talaja 22.30 Tansa
Vadodara Div 23:00 Mahuva, Una
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 0.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Una Ahmedabad 1.00 Dhandhuka
Mahuva Vadnagar 2.30 Dhandhuka
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 5.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Bhavnagar Naliya 5.30 Dhandhuka, Limbadi, Halvad
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 6.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Bhavnagar Bapunagar 6.30 Dhandhuka
Mahuva Godhara 6.45 Dhandhuka, Nadiad, Dakor
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 7.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Bhavnagar Ambaji 7.00 Dhandhuka, Mehsana
Bhavnagar Bhuj 7.15 Dhandhuka, Halvad
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 8.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Mahuva Ahmedabad 8.15 Dhandhuka
Talaja Ambaji 8.45 Dhandhuka, Gandhinagar
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 9.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Mahuva Bapunagar 9.00 Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad
Mahuva Mehsana 9.15 Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad
Mahuva Ahmedabad 9.45 Dhandhuka
Bagdana Bapunagar 10.45 Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 11.00 Dholera road ,Bagodra
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 12.00 Dholera road ,Bagodra
Jafrabad Ahmedabad 12.00 Dhandhuka
Bhavnagar Surendranagar 12.15 Dhandhuka, Limbadi
Bhavnagar Dhari 7.00 Palitana, Savarkundla
From to Departure time Via
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 13.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Div Ahmedabad 13.45 Dhandhuka
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 14.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 14.30 Dhandhuka
Bhavnagar Halvad 15.00 Dhandhuka, Limbadi
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 15.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Mahuva Ahmedabad 15.30 Dhandhuka
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 16.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Mahuva Bapunagar 16.30 Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 17.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 17.30 Dhandhuka
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 18.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Bhavnagar Ambaji 19.00 Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 19.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Mahuva Ahmedabad 19.30 Dhandhuka
Palitana Lunavada 20.45 Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad
Bhavnagar Ahmedabad 22.00 Dholera road, Bagodra
Mahuva Mehsana 22.15 Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad
Taleti Bapunagar 22.15 Talaja
Mahuva Bapunagar 23.00 Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad
Div Vadodara 0.30 Dholera, Tarapur
Bhavnagar Vadodara 6.30 Dholera, Tarapur
Talaja Surat 7.30 Tarapur, Vadodara
Hastgiri Zagadiya 8.00 Tarapur, Vadodara
Bagdana Surat 8.15 Tarapur, Vadodara
Bhavnagar Shirdi 10.00 Vadodara, Surat, Bhiwandi
Bhavnagar Vadodara 11.30 Tarapur
Div Vadodara 13.00 Tarapur
Palitana Mulund 13.45 Vadodara, Surat, Bhiwandi
Talaja Dhuliya 14.15 Vadodara, Surat, Vyara
Bhavnagar Vadodara 15.15 Anand
Bhavnagar Vadodara 16.30 Tarapur
Bhavnagar Vadodara 17.30 Tarapur
Una Mumbai 18.45 Vadodara, Valsad
Talaja Surat 19.15 Vadodara
Mahuva Surat 20.30 Vadodara
Una Surat 20.35 Vadodara
Bagdana Navsari 21.30 Vadodara, Surat
Mahuva Surat 21.30 Vadodara
Div Vadodara 21.45 Tarapur
Bhavnagar Vadodara 23.30 Tarapur
Kovaya Dahod 23.30 Vadodara, Godhara
Bhavnagar Dwarka 0.30 Rajkot, Jamnagar
Bhavnagar Jamnagar 5.30 Rajkot
Bhavnagar Bhuj 6.15 Rajkot, Morbi
Bhavnagar Rajkot 6.45 Babra, Atkot
Bhavnagar Rajkot 8.00 Babra, Atkot
Bhavnagar Rajkot 9.00 Babra, Atkot
Bhavnagar Rajkot 11.30 Babra, Atkot
Bhavnagar Jamnagar 12.00 Babra, Atkot, Rajkot
Bhavnagar Morbi 14.00 Rajkot
Bhavnagar Khambhaliya 14.45 Rajkot
Bhavnagar Bhuj 18.00 Rajkot, Morbi
Bhavnagar Jamnagar 19.00 Rajkot
Bhavnagar Bhuj 20.00 Rajkot, Morbi
Bhavnagar Rajkot 21.00 Babra
Bhavnagar Junagadh 5.00 Amreli
Bhavnagar Mangrol 5.45 Lathi
Bhavnagar Amreli 7.15 Lathi
Bhavnagar Junagadh 8.00 Amreli
Bhavnagar Junagadh 11.30 Dhari
Bhavnagar Upleta 13.30 Dhoraji
Bhavnagar Junagadh 14.30 Babra, Gondal
Bhavnagar Keshod 16.30 Junagadh
Bhavnagar Bantwa 18.00 Amreli, Visavadar

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